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Wm. F. Warren, Jr., DDS, MS



Our Mission is to Provide Endodontic Services at the Highest Level of Excellence


We will accomplish this goal with focus, determination, professionalism, and using the best advantages current technology offers.

Through open communication, understanding, and education, we will seek to know our patients, and recognize and alleviate any worries or concerns they may have.

We will provide a clean and safe environment, and an atmosphere of comort and compassion, to inspire and establish trust and confidence in our efforts.

Our actions will convey that we operate in service to our patients, our professional colleagues, our community, and to each other.




Practice Philosophy and Scope of Treatment


We are an office dedicated to the enhancement of endodontic treatment outcomes through the pursuit of excellence.  We emphasize dedication, persistence, and use of the most advanced technologies in achieving the highest levels of long term endodontic success. From the thoroughness of the initial examination and the resulting diagnosis, to postendodontic coronal restorative procedures, our goal is to achieve the absolute best outcome for each patient we treat. Initial examination identifies factors affecting case difficulty and prognosis, and consultation educates each patient about the treatment process, prognosis, and alternatives, with emphasis on consideration of alternative treatment options when endodontic, periodontal, or restorative prognosis may be guarded or poor.

Anatomical complexities such as severe root curvature or bifurcations, canal obstructions such as posts, separated instruments, silver points and Thermafil Carriers, calcifications, recalcitrant infection with or without chronic or large lesions, and the potential need for a surgical treatment approach, are some of the circumstances which can benefit from our treatment expertise and thirty-three years experience in clinical practice. Where indicated by patient management concerns, profound local anesthesia can be augmented with nitrous oxide/oxygen inhhalation analgesia, and/or oral sedation.